Reading “Dexter” spin-off, dialogue Showtime President of entertainment department

In April 2013, “Dexter Season 7 DVD” owner, Showtime networks, announced that the eighth Season will draw for the gold series. “Dexter” and Homeland is rated as the two fist series of Showtime, along with all these “Dexter” harvest season 7 so far the best ratings, the decision is entertainment group President David Nevins. He CARES about “Dexter”, and we are also talked about the possibility of the “Dexter” spin-offs.

Derivative, can take many forms exist in media, film, television, games can be derived from the development story line. Usually the primary works in one person, in detail, at the same time, the development of a new original plot with a view of the world.

Derivative is not a sequel, but the sequel is a form of derivative, only when there are derived from the original time series line continuation of relationship, can be called a sequel.

TV spin-off is not uncommon in the industry, we usually use parallel narrative, spin-off is likely to be the leading role of the native episodes in a supporting role, story theme won’t have too much change, such as Grey’s Anatomy and its spin-off Private Practice. Spin-offs and its native drama usually have cross plot, but will eventually separate article, from the characters of the conversation we can find some clues, and its marvels of native drama have a try.

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