Emmy ignored, such as the TV show Ugly Betty was not nominated

The new season of the Weeds Season 8 DVD will soon be launched, but the Mary Louise Parker nominated for Emmy for best actress in a comedy in three consecutive years, this year has been out of the list of nominees. In fact, she is the three nomination, she is the loud voice of the winning candidate, but 2007 and 2008 are the ultra-high popularity popularity ultra high Tina Fey in 2009, but more tough Toni Collette killed out, then have a look now at sowing mistress of comedy, or Mary – Louise Parker after trying not to be ignored will be very difficult.

As with Mary Louise Parker, ran in the company didn’t even name this year after three years of Ugly Betty) Vanessa Williams. Wilhelmina Slater of the roles of the Ugly Betty of the criticality of a drama that is not to mention, washed-up singer Vanessa Williams through the Opera thoroughly salted fish, but her acting is really good. The Ugly Betty has ended now, that last year she didn’t even get the nomination seems a bit cruel, but her next stop was the most popular show Desperate Housewives maybe Vanessa Williams coming back next year may not necessarily Oh.

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