“Doctor,” began broadcasting 50 years: bring people joy and hope

November 23, 1963, ushered in a British tea time a new drama. Play a blue police box (Tardis) one, madness and a decisive The Doctor. “Doctor” did not name all day, take time and space machine Tardis heaven into the earth, save the world one after another, for a further term of any companion. To teach children to learn the history of the scientific knowledge of the small cost and space science fiction drama journey through strange, unexpectedly a pat five years, although there have been a low ebb in the middle, but after the 2005 drama being touted return again.

This year on November 23, “Doctor Who Season 7 DVD” series aired on BBC fiftieth anniversary edition of “Doctor Day”, to attract the world’s 77 million people watching, became the most successful and long-lived sci-fi drama.

Warm period of the fifty paintings

Fiftieth anniversary, the highly anticipated, in order to balance the UK hardcore “Dr. fans” and the world began to recover from the 2005 drama coming, “Dr. fans” different expectations, screenwriter brains and produce a beautiful answer.

For iron powder, the front four, Dr. photographed, and Dr. lined up all the last minute, enough to make the year a child, and now the old man to tears. For budding fans, and even people who have never seen the play, “Dr. Day” brings nothing to do nostalgic viewing experience – an endless stream of British humor, subtle temporal setting, occasional poetry of several pen and indelible sadness. It’s all make this one hour more than the film traces the taste of goose fat.

Drama as usual, this is an alien invaders called Zygon race. Them because “time war” homes were destroyed decided to move the Earth, but because of a few hundred years ago, the Earth is not yet developed, so sealed in their own image, waiting time is ripe moment break “like” out. They imitate the good, first came to Earth was in 1562, when, to coincide with Queen Elizabeth I crazy in love with Drs. Melee, really kill the queen alien queen becomes false and leave a personal letter from Dr. Jean save her kingdom in the “Zhagong” who appears again the next time.

Conventional color line is not calculated, neither emotional fluctuations, the actress who plays Elizabeth I also clumsy like Aunt countryside, wiping the absence of any spark handsome Tenth Doctor (David Tennant ornaments) and between the outer trick star who changed the formation of the earth nor fresh. But let another one composed of three combat teams met Dr. lines, not only nostalgic, but smile and a tear.

Participation “time war” Dr. (John Hurt) grown old, determined to destroy his own home because Gary Frey planet die with rivals Daleks considers himself unworthy to be called “Doctor.” Meet the tenth and eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith ornaments), the two young Dr. Shen Hui decided a year, keep in mind Gary Frey on the planet have had many children, although in another four hundred years later, this number has been forgotten, but still deep remorse in my heart.

“Doctor Who” series, Dr. tragedy is that the universe has been the last “time lord” family who are the fact that he personally destroyed. This time, the writers decided to overturn this setting. Third Doctor’s value lies not only with three very smart brain, but also because they have three “sonic screwdriver”, as well as the spacing between the three centuries of time. With the existence of this time, a lot of things solved – here begin with the “sonic screwdriver” to do things, there has been “Bingo” is completed.

Thus, the third term, “Dr.” Let Gary Frey disappeared together in space and time, Daleks perish in their own fire, the whole universe is considered the planet has to die and Daleks. Unfortunately, time is always the respective river flowing non-stop, made the right decision to save the “old doctor” Serbs will not remember that at the last minute did not press the red button fatal only carrying genocide pain continues from generation to generation rebirth, wandering in the universe.

Fortunately, after the campaign, Dr. finally no longer wander. His next goal is to go home without a doubt. As a result, “said Dr. Day” for the previous fifty paintings on a warm period. As fans have to worry about, would not know where to go to find their homes after the doctor? With Dr. lifetime will do (initial setting is only Dr. rebirth 13), will lose momentum in space and time wandering?

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